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Ok all, you know this blog is all about design, DIY projects, sharing ideas & finding awesome design items under $100 and I will keep with that original concept. However, I thought it would be fun to share some very over the top items every now & then too. Perhaps an item you might see in one of the Million Dollar rooms on that new HGTV show. Thought it appropriate to mark these new posts as (OMG!) cuz they are simply over the top.

Here’s one such item!

Can you imagine bathing in a pink, sequin, high-heeled shoe?! The thought is like some kind of decadent, 1970s, disco fantasy. Just add a white shag rug as your bath mat & your good to Believe it or not this is a fully functional, Italian-designed bath with a finely crafted glass mosaic exterior that creates the look of glittery sequins. You never know Ladies, we may see one soon with those famous red soles!

See it & more @



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