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Try this very cool DIY project to dress up your walls & more!


Painters Tape

Chalk or pencil


Patterned stencil

Low tack spray adhesive

High density foam roller and tray

High gloss Stays Clear paint finish

Decorative wood trim

Mitre box and saw

“No Nails” wood glue

Finishing nails


Wood filler

Interior paint and primer


1. Determine the size of your wall panels and use a pencil or chalk along with a level to draw the perimeter of the inside panel edge.

2. Apply a band of painters tape around the perimeter of the pencil line, and then using low tack spray adhesive, spray a light coat on the back of the stencil and then affix it to the wall inside the taped boundary.

3. Using a foam roller, lightly apply a coat of Stays Clear in high gloss to the stencil pattern, and then immediately remove the stencil.

4. Allow the coat of Stays Clear to dry to the touch before reapplying the stencil to the wall again to continue the pattern.

5. Repeat the application of the previous two steps until the taped area is complete.

6. To add some architectural detail and frame out the stencil pattern, cut decorative wood panel trim by measuring the inside edge of your taped panel area and cut on a 45 degree angle out to create a picture frame effect.

7. Once all pieces are cut, remove the painters tape from the wall and apply the trim moulding using “No Nails” adhesive.

8. Once the trim is secure, insert finishing nails with a hammer and nail set every 16” along the trim to prevent warping.

9. Fill the nail holes with wood filler and paint trim the same colour as the wall.




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