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So great to see so many new followers here on my Design Destination Blog. It’s all about being HAPPY in life & bringing great Design Destinations your way always makes me HAPPY. Hope you got a chance to check out the new content & all the unique design items under $100. There’s also lots of great prior posts here so make sure you check those out too. As you know……’s all about being happy & of course, DESIGN!

I’m constantly on the hunt to post new content here as often as possible so please stay tuned cuz there’s always more cool stuff to come. I enjoy reading your comments so please feel to share your thoughts at any time. For instant updates check out my Tweets via the Twitter feed here on my blog (see right margin). You can also follow me @DesignsbyMarcus should you want to connect, network & see all my Twitter interactions. I interact with some amazing Celebrity Designers!

The purpose of this post is to THANK YOU all for being a faithful blog follower & I wish you all the very best in your Design Destination journey!

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