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WELCOME to my Blog!

I’m your host and blogger Marcus @Designsbymarcus on Twitter, here on FACEBOOK & on the web:

I have a passion for Interior Design and know many of you do too. I created this blog to share design inspirations and showcase fabulous & unique design items under $100 and where to find them. Eco-friendly products too! There’s also some OMG posts here which are simply “over the edge”. All in all this blog is all about DESIGN so please feel free to share your design inspirations too.

Try to keep the blog posts up to date but for the most current events it’s best to view my Twitter feed right here on the blog or view my FACEBOOK page since these are automatic posts the minute I have a design interaction. Want you to have these other options since they are fresh, instant & ALL ABOUT DESIGN!

Helpful Hints: Its easy to navigate here!

The right tool bar displays MY RECENT TWEETS (@Designsbymarcus) which are interactive (e.g. links) for your use. The tool bar also contains the following features: SEARCH, RECENT POSTS, ARCHIVES, CATEGORIES and FOLLOW BLOG.

-Use the SEARCH option to find “Do It Yourself” (use DIY) items, use ECO to find “Eco-friendly” items or simply search for your design inspirations using key words (e.g. lamp, vase, pillow, wallpaper, etc).
-View and select current items listed under RECENT POSTS.
-Use ARCHIVES to view ALL prior blog items by date.
-The CATEGORIES option is great! It contains a drop down list of all blog items listed by specific category. This makes like items easy to find.

And last but certainly not least is the FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL option that gives YOU an opportunity to receive an instant email message when new items are added to the blog. Be the first to know!

New Feature! You now have the option to view the blog via an Ipad or similar device. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select “View Ipad Site”. The default is “View Standard Site” and is the recommended way to view the blog but you choose what works best for you.

OK, thats enough to get you started. Its time to check out the blog and while you do remember, all design items listed here are unique, easy to find, FABULOUS and under $100. Theres lots of design information to share here too so lets go explore!!!


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