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19 KITCHEN Projects (DIY)

Does your kitchen need a refresh? You can add some updates without breaking the bank! Here’s 19 ideas to get you started😉


Reseal a driveway (DIY)

Designing & styling the OUTSIDE of a home is just as important as the inside. Give your home the sexy curb appeal it deserves! If your home (or a clients) driveway is dull then spruce it up before the winter weather arrives….here’s how!

Chic little BATHROOOM designs!

Here’s some awesome small bathroom renovations to get you motivated….

Decorating for our D🐶GS

Let’s face it, our pets are spoiled. I know my dog (Mickey) is & I just live here..but, these are great design ideas we both can live with!

Maintenance Guide (1st time homebuyers)

Your new place looks amazing! There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep the place looking amazing. So, sit back, relax & read these tips about home maintenance…….

Transformation (Carriage House)

I love transformations! Former factories turned into condos, barns turned into homes, etc, etc. It’s so important keep the architectural details remain in tact & work within the bones of a structure cuz the results can be amazing. I have posted several of my favorites in prior posts & here’s a new one to add to my list of FAVs. ❤

Easily transform a child’s room

There’s many ways to transform a room but often it takes time & money. Here’s some single design moves that make those transformations easy & can save you some time & money.