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Generation Z designs?!

Did you know we have a generation Z?! They were born in the late 1990’s & early 2000’s & have their own ideas of what design should be. I’m sure the Z’s are happy to tell us EXACTLY what they want no matter the cost but, until then, here’s some ideas to give us a better understanding of their Z design minds.


Go Feng Shui🏡

Thinking your home needs an overhaul? Perhaps all it needs is a Feng Shui adjustment?! See for yourself👍

Go Shabby Chic!

If you ❤️Shabby Chic then you will enjoy this post. If not, you can still be Chic so check it out anyway!

Transformation (Carriage House)

I love transformations! Former factories turned into condos, barns turned into homes, etc, etc. It’s so important keep the architectural details remain in tact & work within the bones of a structure cuz the results can be amazing. I have posted several of my favorites in prior posts & here’s a new one to add to my list of FAVs. ❤

Easily transform a child’s room

There’s many ways to transform a room but often it takes time & money. Here’s some single design moves that make those transformations easy & can save you some time & money.

Magical Kid Rooms!

Some really cool inspirations.

Summer Entryway Goodness (DIY)

Give your family, friends & visitors a very warm WELCOME & start with the entrance. Besides Y-O-U, it’s the first thing they see so…..make it amazing!