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Generation Z designs?!

Did you know we have a generation Z?! They were born in the late 1990’s & early 2000’s & have their own ideas of what design should be. I’m sure the Z’s are happy to tell us EXACTLY what they want no matter the cost but, until then, here’s some ideas to give us a better understanding of their Z design minds.


Kids + Books = Book Nook!

With all the web content available to kids it seems like BOOKS are not a priority. Perhaps we can all help change that a bit by creating a book nook for the kids so they can put their electronic devices down & hold (& maybe even read) a book instead. Here’s some inspirational ideas to get us all motivated!!

How to shop for FURNITURE!

Some people get overwhelmed having to shop for furniture. As a designer, I love shopping for furniture & know my colleagues do too. If you get overwhelmed don’t worry! Here’s some tips to make the process more enjoyable.


I haven’t posted decor items you can shop for in a while. So, I will be on the hunt for items when I see great deals & start sharing them again here. After all, the blog is about amazing designs items too & all items are under $100 which makes them reasonably affordable ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Corbel is priced right & the company website has lots do styles to fit your decor. Find it for under $50 HERE!


Cement Tiles can be PRETTY!

Don’t think of them as cement slabs…..

Go BIG with Portraits!

โค IT! Go BIG or go home…..


Here’s 5 reasons to hit those yard sales, second hand stores & thrift shops ๐Ÿ™‚