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I ❤️vaulted ceilings & sure many of you do too. But, are they right for every home? This post gives us all the details so read on…..😉


Every adult space should have a home bar or at the very least, a liquor cabinet! Home bars have become very popular over the years & they come in all shapes & sizes. Enough said! So……grab your favorite beverage & check these out!!👍

Here’s a great way to add storage to your home projects & especially in the kitchen. Peg board is budget friendly & can be altered (e.g. Paint, wallpaper, etc) in so many ways to fit into your decor. Check these out!

Another season is upon us & it’s a perfect time to get organized. So…I will make it easy on you because I don’t want anyone out there getting overwhelmed with my first post for the Fall season: start with the junk drawer (& in some instances drawer’S). Here’s some great ideas to get you motivated👍

Do you have all the items you need for your next home painting project? The shopping list will depend on the type of project you’re working on. View the items here to help you decide what items may need to be added to your shopping list. 👍

Does your kitchen need a refresh? You can add some updates without breaking the bank! Here’s 19 ideas to get you started😉

It’s almost time to turn off those air conditioners & get those Fireplaces ready. I don’t feel that every Fireplace needs to be framed BUT that’s the great thing about design…do what you want! If you need space & like the framing idea then check out this post & get motivated.